Sir Richard Ceann III

Sir Richard Ceann III has lived his whole life on the outskirts of Ballycrone, at his family’s estate and mansion, known as Crone Manor. Standing high above Ballycrone, on Bastard Hill, since 1657, Crone Manor offers an almost bird’s eye view of the happenings in the tiny village below.

An enigmatic and energetic man, Sir Richard’s many hobbies include fox and rabbit hunting, fishing, eating supper, slurping tea and collecting short stories from his neighbours about the goings on of Ballycrone and it’s surrounding areas. You can often see Sir Richard taking morning strolls through the farmland in his gilet and wellington boots, blackthorn walking stick in hand or wandering through the local market, speaking to villagers, who lovingly refer to him as ‘Dick’.

Following strict instructions from Sir Richard, I, his humble servant, Mr. Barnaby, have began this blog to showcase the stories happened upon by my master during his strolls and wanderings.

He hopes you enjoy.


Mr. Barnaby.

Crone Manor,

Bastard Hill,




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